How big is our parish?

The parish covers 3,423 acres, and includes the village, Heighton St, Tilton, Charleston, and Middle Farm. You can see a map here

The highest point is Firle Beacon, (a Spanish Armarda warning beacon) which is 215 metres above sea level, and the lowest point is Glynde Reach which is at sea level

How many people live here?

There are 320 people on the electoral register. There are 110 properties in the parish of which 90 are owned by the Firle Estate, and 20 are privately owned.

Why is it called ‘WEST firle’ on maps?

West Firle is the old name, and was used to differentiate it from the Frog Firle community south of Alfriston. Frog Firle is now no more than a street name, so the ‘West’ was officially dropped in 1971, but the maps havent caught up yet!

What does Firle mean?

It means a lot to the people who live here! Firle is believed to refers to an old-English/Anglo-Saxon word fierol meaning overgrown with oak.

How old is Firle?

Settlement remains date back to the bronze age, and our village is mentioned in the Domesday Book as ‘Ferla’. The Church was first built in the 12th Century and there was an early Manor House in the 15th Century. The village took its current shape in the wool boom years of the 1800’s

Who is Lord Firle?

The manor was acquired by William Gage through marriage in the 15th century. The estate has been owned by the Gage family ever since, although the extent has diminished over the passing years. Lord Gage lives in Firle, and is very much part of the community.

What about the Stately home?

Firle Place is in use today, and regularly used for events and weddings. You can visit on Summer weekends.

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who runs the estate?

The estate is governed by a board of trustees, and the beneficiaries are the Gage family. Day-to-day running of the Estate is handled by a land agent – Savilles. There is an Estate office in the village.

how can I find out more?

There’s a lot more about Firle in the East Sussex archives, called The Keep. Have a look here

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