The theme we use sets what can be changed and what can’t. So font choice and size, page layouts (although there are a few variants to choose from), the Home page etc are all set by the theme and how it has been configured by WebAdmin. You can find the Theme documentation here

WordPress editor tool

Once you open a new page (or edit an existing page) you are presented with a blank page and menu bar across the top. Do NOT use the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button!

When you want to add a ‘block’ (could be a paragraph, a picture, a heading etc) you need to click on + and then select the kind of block you want to add. You build up your page by adding these blocks.

When you are done, you need to click on the blue Publish’ button top right, and this saves the page and adds it to the website.


The title of the page and its font are fixed. Bu default, the page title is also the menu title, but that can be overridden by WebAdmin

To set a picture that runs as a header across the full width of the page, you need to set a ‘Featured Image’. Top right on the Menu bar is a Settings symbol, which opens a right-hand tab, showing either Page or Block options. Choose Page, and you will then see a featured Image option.


On the WP dashboard, there is a Media Tab. You can upload pictures on here and then select them for use on your pages. Its best to keep the pics relatively small (say 1500 x 1500 pixels max) and any header pictures for your page need to have a very widescreen image otherwise they get cropped on display. You’ll need to experiment a bit!


You can link to another page or website by highlighting any text that’s relevant and then click on the chain link icon on the top menu bar and then fill in the link reference. You have the option of having the link open a new tab (usually for an external website)


Similar to Pages for editing, but the Featured Image is the pic that stays with the post. the latest Posts are displayed all over the website and are used for ‘bulletins’. The News page has all of them displayed. You can categorise each post which alows selective display of posts in a relevant category – eg Community Housing, Church services, Events


As an Editor, you can add events into the calendar. Use the dashboard to find Events and then fill in the form.

** You can edit this page to add any extra help. Contact Ian on Whatsapp if you get stuck **