The allotments in Firle are almost  in the centre of the village (opposite the village carpark) and have been there since 1880  Over the years the allotments have been through various phases and by the late 80’s went out of fashion and  were almost completely overgrown with brambles . A few years ago Firle Estate cleared the land and handed responsibility for the allotments and any income for rent to the Allotment Association.

Nowadays one third of the area is a communal  area and the rest divided in 12 plots ( some are shared). An Apple orchard with old varieties has been planted and we are in the process of creating a wildlife friendly area with wildflowers between the rows of trees and a corner with mainly culinary herbs and more wildflowers.


Our allotment sites each reflect the ‘owners’ way of gardening but we all follow an organic practice ( no chemical fertilisers, no pesticides or herbicides)

Anyone for Nasturtiums?

At the moment all plots are taken but we do have communal work days and the whole community is invited to help . We also organise  an apple pressing day and other events which will be posted on the website.

If you are interested in  getting involved in looking after the communal area, or would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact Erika, Helen, or Paula or email