Some of us have been here a lifetime, some arrived this year, some of us are tenants, some homeowners, some of us are young, many are older, some voted for this government, and others didn’t. What we all share is a love for Firle Village, our community, its institutions, its architecture, its history, traditions, and the stunning countryside and nature that surrounds us.

Change is inevitable and a part of life: We recognise and welcome positive changes that are sympathetic to our village and its institutions, but we all want the village to develop in a way that supports the wellbeing of its residents. A number of us decided to form a Community Association that can act as a forum for opinion and issues in the village on topics that affect us all.

Our aim is to help the community to form a view (or a range of views) on matters that affect our village community. We are NOT a protest group! We will seek consensus, where possible, and ensure that those views are presented appropriately to influence decisions that will affect our community. We accept that we will not always get what we want, but we will:

  • Strive to work collaboratively with the Parish Council, the Firle Estate, and external organisations.
  • Be NON party political
  • Consider the needs of young people and future generations
  • Be open, inclusive, democratic, transparent, communicative and fair


We are open to anyone over 16 who lives in Firle Parish (see boundary here) and it is free. Please join us and make your views on known about anything that can affect our community. We will encourage consultation of members at all times. We will use Social Media, anonymous suggestions boxes, doorstep questionnaires, meetings – whatever it takes – to collect your views, make your voice heard, and tell you what others think.


You can find our constitution here


We hold regular monthly Steering Committee meetings, which are open to all. These are currently ‘virtual’ but as soon as conditions allow, we will hold regular open meetings

Meet the committee

Here is our committee