Parking SURVEY Results

Firle Community Association asked members:

Do you support the proposal to offer an overflow car park (accessed from the main car park) at weekends and bank holidays for a trial period?

  • The survey was conducted online from 25th March to 28th March.
  • The FCA now has 100 members.  93 questionaires were sent out.  7 members (who chose not provide email addresses to the FCA) were not surveyed.
  • We received 50 responses or 54%.  Effective surveys have responses above 25%



  • 37 respondents added supporting commentary
  • 28 respondents submitted other suggestions

Common Commentary themes

In favour of a Trial, but with reservations:

  • Trial has clear criteria/rules/time length/review process/clear boundaries
  • More Bins needed– both litter and dog waste
  • Car Park – better surface, height barrier, clear boundaries
  • Signage – to encourage visitors not to park in street/residents only/take litter home/double yellows/environment-sensitive

Other solutions/options for consideration after the Trial:

  • Parking payment /donation/ticket requisite for pub users
  • Residents Parking Zone/Badges/Bollards
  • Keeping status quo or reducing spaces –Ditchling Beacon Vs Birling Gap
  • Resident only car parking– visitors to use car park only
  • Access for emergency vehicles
  • Alternative location for Car Park (near Crossways)
  • National Park signage and rules
  • Ram– needs a parking steward /own car park/reduced car parking and extended outdoor capacity/pub needs to take more responsibility for managing visitors